In today’s PorscheCooled Podcast Michael presents episode 19 of owner stories with Jack from the UK. From growing up loving cars and motorcycles Jack has never been scared of taking a chance. To date jack has owned a few Porsches, American cars and many motorcycles. 

The tale of Jack’s 'sunburnt lobster 911' is a good one. One Sunday evening  whilst day-dreaming about owning a classic air-cooled Porsche, Jack found a unique and well patinaed 1976 911 S on Pelican Parts. Not to be deterred by its well-worn silver paint nor it’s Lobster red tweed interior, Jack started the conversation with the owner in the U.S. The rest is history and Jack is now the proud owner of an air-cooled 911. 

We all know that Porsche ownership is very personal and the ’76 911S that Jack found was his day-dream 'perfect' car. 

Welcome back to the PorscheCooled Podcast.

Every Porsche tells a story and each owner has a different story to tell – that is what the PorscheCooled owner stories is all about.

You can follow Jack on Instagram @sunburnt_lobster_911

Michael (@michael.bath) owns a first generation 997 Carrera, comes from Australia and currently resides in Bahrain. Steve (@gtst3ve) is a Porsche owner and enthusiast from Sydney, Australia.

This podcast is part of a series with Steve where two mates chat about all things Porsche. Thanks for listening.

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