In today’s PorscheCooled Podcast Michael presents episode 28 of owner stories with Jeff from San Diego in the U.S. Jeff has been interested in cars and Porsches since he was a kid. An early Porsche memory is seeing an article in a car magazine about the new Boxster being launched. From that day on he wanted one. Fast forward two decades and Jeff ended up with his dream car – a 2004 986.2 Boxster in Midnight Blue metallic. 

Welcome back to the PorscheCooled Podcast.


Every Porsche tells a story and each owner has a different story to tell – that is what the PorscheCooled owner stories is all about.

You can follow Jeff on Instagram @midnightblue986.2

Michael (@michael.bath) owns a first generation 997 Carrera, comes from Australia and currently resides in Bahrain. Steve (@gtst3ve) is a Porsche owner and enthusiast from Sydney, Australia.

This podcast is part of a series with Steve where two mates chat about all things Porsche. Thanks for listening.

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