In today’s PorscheCooled Podcast Michael presents episode 53 of owner stories with Paul from the UK. Cars have been a part of Paul's life for ever. Since his mid-teens he has had his eye on Porsche. As a kid he drew a 993 engine and silhouette and sent it to a Dick Lovett - a well know Porsche dealer in the UK. Surprisingly he received a response as well as a stock of books for his passion. From that point onwards Paul was fascinated with Porsche, although it was still out of reach. Paul put his Porsche dreams aside ‘as one day’ I will have a Porsche which most of us can relate to.

Living in Cheltenham with an abundance of great driving roads this only fuelled Paul’s passion, it's no wonder he has owned over 40 cars to date.

From his first memorable car a mid-engine Mk1 Toyota MR2 sorted by Litchfield in the UK. A lot of drivers cars followed, including GTI’s, Accord Type R, Lotus Elise and many others. Pauls engineering background and being a ‘sucker for a special edition” has drawn him to very interesting cars. Today, Paul has come full circle with his first Porsche, a mid-engine well optioned 2015 Porsche 981 Cayman with manual transmission.

Paul is also part of Reengineering where with his 2 partners will be leading a group of STEM grads through building a 550 Spyder (kit). This will be a modern interpretation of the ’50’s 550 with re-engineered parts and a carbon body built to a level that Paul would like to equal Singer. Not your average kit car.

Welcome back to the Porsche Cooled Podcast.

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Michael (@michael.bath) owns a first generation 997 Carrera, comes from Australia and currently resides in Bahrain. Steve (@gtst3ve) is a Porsche owner and enthusiast from Sydney, Australia.

This podcast is part of a series with Steve where two mates chat about all things Porsche. Thanks for listening.

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